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How It Works

Reach out to us on our homepage.

Start a search for your next car on our website. At Cloovy®, our process is unusually personalized. Every inquiry we receive will be read by a member of our team. This means you have extraordinary latitude to be specific about what you want—or don’t want—in your next car.

We'll contact you to set up an over-the-phone consultation. A member of our team will read your request, think about how we can best meet your needs, and then reach out to you to schedule a call. We'll work with you to find a car that's perfectly suited for your specific circumstances—and at a price you'll love.

We'll show you some options.

We're car people and tech people. Using data on past sales, we've developed an algorithm to predict what any given car will sell for on Manheim®. For every car we show you, we use our algorithm to come up with a price high enough to win the car at auction—and low enough to be a great deal.

Price transparency is our middle name. We offer our customers a full breakdown of our price—including the price we paid for the car, our shipping and registration fees, and even our expected profit! Total price transparency—that's one way we're trying to shake up the industry.

It's auction time, baby.

Paying in cash? Great. Prefer to finance? We'll help you find a bank or credit union that'll pre-approve you for a loan at highly competitive interest rates. After you're pre-approved, send us a deposit and we’ll make a bid on Manheim® for your car.

We take care of everything else. If our bid fails, you pay nothing. We absorb all associated costs and refund your deposit in full. If our bid succeeds—congratulations! We'll send all the necessary paperwork to your bank or credit union—and then we’ll arrange to have your new car delivered straight to you.


Let's set up a call.

A member of the Cloovy® team will reach out to you within 24 hours to schedule an over-the-phone consultation. And don't worry—we hate spam too. We will never share your personal information, nor do we maintain any email lists—which means we will never send you an unsolicited email.

Get Started Today

Join us.

We’re hoping you can help us get our name out—and make some money in the process.

If your friend or family member purchases a car through Cloovy and mentions your name, we’ll send you up to $500 all-cash commission within three days after the return period closes.

Our commission starts at $100 for car sales under $25,000. For car sales between $25,000 and $50,000, we’ll send you a $200 commission. And for the luxury aficionados out there—we’ll send you a $500 commission for all car sales $50,000 and above.

So if your friend or family buys a $75,000 Mercedes from Cloovy and gives us your name, when the return period closes we’ll send you $500 in cash as a thank you for helping us build our company.

If you have any questions about how our commissions process works, please reach out to us at