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About Our Cars

Here's something you might not know.

The vast majority of cars sold at used car dealerships aren’t direct trade-ins. They were purchased at auction. These auctions are closed to the public—only licensed dealers can access them.

That's where we come in.

Our cars come from the same source that dealerships use to stock their inventory.

Cloovy® is a used car dealership for the 21st century. We have access to dealer-only auctions that ordinary consumers don't get to see—giving you an inside look at how the vast majority of used car dealerships get their inventory.

Our job is to scour the auctions for the best deals. Reputable dealer-only auctions sell thousands of cars a day at well below their Blue Book® value, giving dealerships around the country access to a massive supply of cars at highly competitive, wholesale prices.

What type of cars end up at dealer-only auctions?

It varies, of course—there are low-end and high-end auctions. At high-end auctions, most of the cars are late-model vehicles—bank-owned cars (e.g., off-lease vehicles), former rental cars owned and maintained by companies like Enterprise® or Avis®, or dealer trade-ins that didn’t quite fit in with the dealer’s business model (a BMW traded in to a Tesla dealership, for example).

We’re picky about the cars we show you.

We filter out a lot of cars. We display vehicles only from Manheim®, the largest and most reputable dealer-only auction in the country. And we won’t even show you a vehicle unless it’s earned an "excellent" or "above average" condition rating from Manheim®.

Customer satisfaction—your word of mouth—is our business model. That means we won't even go near a car that has been in an accident (let alone a flooded or salvaged vehicle). As a young company, we’re doing everything we can to build our reputation on quality and excellence—one car at a time.


Let's set up a call.

A member of the Cloovy® team will reach out to you within 24 hours to schedule an over-the-phone consultation. And don't worry—we hate spam too. We will never share your personal information, nor do we maintain any email lists—which means we will never send you an unsolicited email.

Get Started Today

Join us.

We’re hoping you can help us get our name out—and make some money in the process.

If your friend or family member purchases a car through Cloovy and mentions your name, we’ll send you up to $500 all-cash commission within three days after the return period closes.

Our commission starts at $100 for car sales under $25,000. For car sales between $25,000 and $50,000, we’ll send you a $200 commission. And for the luxury aficionados out there—we’ll send you a $500 commission for all car sales $50,000 and above.

So if your friend or family buys a $75,000 Mercedes from Cloovy and gives us your name, when the return period closes we’ll send you $500 in cash as a thank you for helping us build our company.

If you have any questions about how our commissions process works, please reach out to us at